Happy Birthday Meagan

Happy Birthday my sweet Meagan,

Oh how I wish you were here with us to celebrate your special day. Instead, I find this day to be so hard to get through. All I can think of is the first time I held your tiny body in my arms and how much you depended on me. Those beautiful big blue eyes staring at me. As you grew into the beautiful woman you became it was I who depended on you. You were always my sounding board and I could trust you always. I can feel your presence and know you are with us but it is not the same without you. We know you were with us at the golf tournament on Friday.  Danielle and Betsy and their families worked so hard to make it successful and a celebration of your life. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to see all of your true friends support you and your mission. 

Happy birthday my sweet angel.

I love you whole in this world,