Meagan's journey began as a little girl helping me in my classroom.  She loved being at school and helping me prepare for a new year.  Meagan loved organizing materials, especially books! Each day as I look around my classroom there is comfort in knowing that she has had a hand in making room 500 the cheery inviting  place that it is.  As Meagan moved from middle school to Turpin High School, she found herself across the parking lot from the elementary building where I work.  Nearly every day over the next four years, Meagan would help out in the classroom in numerous ways and endearingly became known as "Miss Meagan" to many of the Mercer students.  Mercer is where she truly found her passion and mission for helping children learn.  She got such joy out of helping children find ways to successfully learn.  She didn't want to teach though, instead, she wanted to help children and teachers find the best ways for ALL children to be successful learners.  This is where she first thought about becoming a psychologist; determined to help children, families, and teachers.  Part of Meagan's passion came from her own journey as a student who had  auditory processing challenges and obstacles that she found ways to work through.  While at Wittenberg University, Meagan had an opportunity to work with a professor during a two-year period  with early literacy interventions to combat dyslexia.  During this experience, Meagan's mission became truly evident to her and she was determined and excited about ensuring that all children be able to read and achieve.  Upon graduating from Wittenberg, her path continued to the University of Cincinnati in the Educational Psychology program.  While in her second year in the program, she had an experience during her practicum that caused her to be more determined to advocate for the children with whom she worked.  I can still remember the excitement and pride in her voice as she shared this story with me regarding a meeting she had with a parent that day.  A parent who thanked Meagan for helping her child and treating her child with respect, instead of as a challenge or a problem.  That is who Meagan was.  She was able to look at any situation and think about the possibilities.  She would expect the same from all of us, so as Meagan continued her journey into heaven, it became apparent to us that we needed to ensure that the work she began here in this world would continue.  Our journey for Meagan continues as we help her help as many students as possible through the scholarships awarded to students at Turpin High School, Wittenberg University, and the University of Cincinnati.  This has become our new passion and mission; ensuring Meagan's journey and legacy continue.

                                                                                                                         -Melissa Oakley

                                                                                                                        Proud Mother of Meagan